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Marteaux et clés


Current research projects

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Levels of learning awareness

Description:To activate awareness of "how I learn", the teacher acts on several (meta)cognitive levels in the learning situation with the student. The research is interested in understanding how the different levels of awareness of the learner are expressed thanks in particular to the verbalization of cognitive processes. 


Representations of the Cycle 1 teacher in the theme of musical teaching at school.

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Principal investigator: Fanny Pasquier

Mentor: Sarah Chardonnens

Description: This research looks at teachers' beliefs and intentions regarding music teaching in Cycle 1. What difficulties and challenges do they face in teaching music without the skills of an expert musician?

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Early musical student: particularities, between myth and reality

Description: In order to sort out all the misconceptions about musical giftedness, this composite research project, based on current knowledge of high-potential individuals and neuroscience, seeks to explain the possible relationships between talent, giftedness, the importance of the environment and forms of memory from a cognitivist perspective.


Verbalization and learning, between language and music.

Principal investigator: Sarah Chardonnens

Description: This research highlights the importance of language in learning and describes how and when to specifically verbalise certain stages of the learning process.

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